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Our Company

  • Technology On Time, Inc, (TnT) received its first subcontract in August 2007 to provide management consulting services to the US Treasury. Technology On Time was a sub contractor to CGI/PNC Bank. The contract ended in February 2013.
  • Technology On Time, Inc was awarded SWaM certification on February 2013.
  • Technology On Time providing subcontracting Project Management Services to FreddieMac since September 2013.
  • Technology On Time, Inc awarded Fairfax County Training and Organization Development Contract on August 2014.
  • Technology On Time, Inc awarded DMBE certification on February 2015
  • DHS - CBP - Web Programming and Security Software Engineering Jan 2016
  • CIO-SP3 - Subcontract through AAC, Inc (prime) awarded October, 2016

Our Partners, Clients, Past Performance

  • CGI, PNC Bank, US Treasury Financial Management Service
  • Freddie Mac
  • Fairfax County
  • DHS - CBP
  • DoD
  • AAC